East Midlands - January 2024 Service Change

6 months ago Wed 29th Nov 2023

We're delighted to have seen significant growth on our East Midlands networks over the past year, particularly with the introduction of Services 90 & 92 between Nottingham, Bingham and Newark and with the continuing popularity of our Novus Leicester services. However we are aware that we are now running at capacity on Service 90 and Novus Direct and that timekeeping on some journeys has suffered because of increased traffic volumes and the longer dwell times created by busier buses.

To improve reliability and create additional capacity and comfort on board we're making changes to a number of services with effect from Monday 8th January 2024. A summary of these changes along with a downloadable timetable for each changing service is available below.

Service 2X (2N) / Leicester > Sileby > Barrow > Loughborough

  • The number of early morning journeys is reduced on all days due to lack of demand.
  • Some evening journeys will run to revised times and on weekdays an additional departure will leave Leicester at 1840.
  • Remaining Sunday morning journeys will run approx 2mins later throughout.

>> Click here to view the new 2X timetable <<

Novus Direct / Leicester > Thorpe Astley > New Lubbesthorpe

  • An enhanced weekday timetable is introduced with buses operating up to every 20 minutes between 7am and 6pm. 
  • Saturday late afternoon journeys are revised to operate every 35 minutes to better reflect heavier traffic conditions seen around the City.
  • Evening journeys on all days (after approx 7pm) are revised to operate 5-10 minutes later throughout to better meet Hospital shift patterns. 

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Novus Fosse / Fosse Park > New Lubbesthorpe > Thorpe Astley > Fosse Park

  • On Saturday mornings the 0830 ex New Lubbesthorpe is extended to start from Fosse Park at 0815, however the 0725 ex Fosse Park is withdrawn due to low usage.
  • On Sunday mornings the 0930 ex Fosse Park will now run 15 minutes earlier at 0915 and will operate as a full loop arriving back at Fosse Park at 0943. In addition the 1000 ex New Lubbesthorpe will be extended to start from Fosse Park at 0945.

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Service 90 (90B) / Nottingham > Bingham > Farndon > Newark

  • Larger buses will operate all journeys providing additional capacity throughout the day, however the weekday peak time journeys will be withdrawn.
  • A revised timetable is introduced with almost all Monday-Saturday journeys extended through to the Old Market Square in Nottingham and Fernwood in Newark. Journeys terminating short in Newark or Bingham will show 90B. 
  • Journeys will no longer serve Lombard Street in Newark. Newark town centre passengers should use the Bus Station Bay A.
  • On weekdays a small number of journeys in Fernwood will additionally serve the Suthers School. 
  • A small number of direct evening journeys are reinstated on weekdays and Saturdays following strong numbers of passenger requests. Passengers will no longer have to connect via Service 92. 

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Service 92 / Nottingham > Cotgrave > Cropwell Bishop > Bingham

  • Weekday peak time short journeys between Bingham Market Place and Romans Quarter are withdrawn.
  • On Saturday nights a later departure will depart Nottingham at 2325.
  • Journeys will no longer connect with Service 90 in Bingham and will instead operate standalone. An evening service to Newark will instead be provided by reinstated 90 journeys. 

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Service 93 (93B) / Bingham > Bottesford > Grantham

  • An additional weekday journey numbered 93B is introduced departing Bingham at 0750 terminating in Bottesford following requests from parents in Bingham for a bus arriving in Bottesford before the start of the Priory Belvoir school day.
  • The 1507 journey ex Bottesford on weekdays is retimed to operate 12 minutes later throughout. This it allow more time for pupils from Priory Belvoir to walk to Bottesford High Street to catch the bus. 
  • An enhanced Saturday evening timetable is introduced. The 1530 ex Bingham and 1610 ex Grantham are revised to run 30 minutes late at 1600 and 1640. A later return is also introduced departing Bingham at 1800 and Grantham at 1840.

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Service 94 (94A) / Bingham > Whatton > Orston or Sutton

  • The 0805 weekday departure from Bingham is withdrawn.
  • The 0720 Saturday journey is renumbered 94A and extended to Sutton-cum-Granby.
  • The 1759 ex Whatton journey on all days is renumbered 94A and extended to start from Sutton-cum-Granby at 1756. Passengers from the 1730 833 may continue onto this journey at no extra cost and travel through to Whatton or Bingham.
  • Short Saturday morning journeys to/from Whatton at 0735 & 0935 are withdrawn.

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Service 97 / Bingham > Wychwood Road

  • The 0556 journey on weekdays is withdrawn.
  • The 0656 journey on weekdays is retimed to operate 5 minutes later throughout.
  • The 1523 journey on weekdays is withdrawn.
  • The 1743 journey on weekdays is retimed to operate 5 minutes earlier throughout.
  • The 0750 journey on Saturdays is retimed to run 2 minutes earlier throughout and extended to start from Bingham Market Place at 0745.
  • The 1515 journey on Saturdays will now terminate at Balmoral Road.
  • The 1645 journey on Saturdays will operate 30minutes later throughout and will continue from Balmoral Road back to Bingham Market Place.

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NottsBus 833 / Bingham > Cropwell Bishop > Orston > Bingham

There are no changes to NottsBus 833.