Fares Update

1 year ago Sat 1st Jul 2023

Following the announcement from the DfT that £2 promotional bus fares in England will continue until the Autumn; Vectare has reviewed its fare position as we have not been eligible for reimbursement under this promotion. 

  • £2 singles will continue on Services 90/92 thanks to funding support from Nottinghamshire County Council. From 1st November this cap will rise to £2.50.
  • £2 singles will continue in Essex in our Abbey Zone (exc Service 505) and between North Weald and Epping on services 13 & 418 until further notice.
  • £2 Adult singles will continue on Novus Leicester until the 15th July and will then rise to £2.50 which will be a new 'normal' level (previously these were £3).
  • £2 Adult singles will continue on the Ting until further notice.
  • All other fares on all other routes will be at their normal advertised prices as it is not commercially viable for us to offer discounted prices on these services.