Lost Property

Vectare is committed to doing all that it can to look after property left behind by passengers. We will work hard to reunite passengers with lost property where possible, and we will also ensure that we dispose of any unclaimed lost property in a secure, hygienic and environmentally responsible manner.

If you've lost an item on our buses

If you lose an item on one of our buses, call us on 0115 777 3187 or email contact@vectare.co.uk. If anything has been handed in to us, we will let you know. We will also contact the relevant driver to ask them whether anything has been found on their vehicle. We cannot always contact the driver immediately, as if they are driving it is unsafe for them to make or receive telephone calls, but we will do our best to get in touch with the driver as soon as it is safe to do so.

If we establish that your lost property has been handed in, you can collect it from one of our depots. Alternatively, if the item is still on the bus, we will arrange for you to meet the driver along the route at a certain time to reclaim the lost property. You may be required to show photographic identification to prove your identity prior to being permitted to reclaim your lost property. You will also be expected to sign a receipt confirming that you have taken possession of the item in question.

If you find an item on our buses

If you find an item of lost property on any of our vehicles, you must hand it to the bus driver at a safe point during your journey. You must not leave the vehicle with the item still in your possession.

How we store, handle and process lost property

Items of lost property that are not claimed from a bus throughout the day are handed in to the relevant depot when the bus returns to the depot at the end of the day. All items are logged at the depot and stored. Items are stored securely in the depot office and are categorised by the week in which they were found.

All items, except those which are, or become, objectionable, are stored for four full weeks from the date of finding. During this time passengers contacting our Service Delivery Centre will be advised that the item has been found, and arrangements can be made to collect the item. After four full weeks have passed, the item will be disposed of.

Valuable items, including mobile phones, wallets, medication and personal / confidential documents will be stored securely by a manager during this four week period.

Where a potential owner can be identified from an item of lost property, e.g. by a telephone number or address on the item, we will make contact with the potential owner to inform them that the item has been found.

Perishable goods will be stored for a maximum period of 24 hours, but may be disposed of sooner if they begin to become objectionable or pose a risk to health.

Any illegal items or substances found on our vehicles will not be returned, but will instead be passed to the Police for disposal.

Our employees have the right to open packages, bags and other containers and thoroughly inspect the contents in order to assess whether said container contains any of the above types of item.

How we dispose of lost property

At the conclusion of the four week lost property retention period, or sooner in the event of perishable goods, lost property will be disposed of.

Items of value may be auctioned off or sold in order to raise revenue to cover the cost of processing lost property. Similarly, any money unclaimed after this time period will be used to cover these costs.

Any item containing personal / confidential information will be disposed of securely via our approved shredding contractor.

Items which may hold incidental value will be donated to a local charity.

All other items will be disposed of via our commercial waste disposal contractors. Recyclable items will be recycled wherever possible.